Sofia Kayaya & Alexandra Carlgren

Would you like to give you´re wedding celebration, art exhibition or friday bar that little bit something extra?

Classical music can give you´re already wonderful evening that extra final touch.

Duo Kayaya & Carlgren

When the flute’s virtuosa and lyrical sound mingles with the cello’s warm voice it rises to a distinctive sound world which can be both imaginative and emotional. And this is what the duo pursues when they play well-known works from the Baroque period as well as in their own arrangements from French romance and Argentine tango.

Sofia and Alexandra met through their passion for chamber music, and share a common past in the experimental ensemble “Dynasti”. The goal is to convey the music so that it can be felt and especially enjoyed. Whether it is in the concert hall, in the lounges or in the living room, the audience room on parquet or standing with a glass of champagne in hand.

Sofia KayayaSofia Kayaya has studied at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory, the Sibelius Academy and Southern Music Conservatory. Her concert career includes assignments as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral musician in repertoire from the Baroque to contemporary music, and she have played concerts and festivals in Scandinavia, Asia and South America.