I work as a cellist in the Danish dance company “Next door project” and the danish intermediation center for dancing, “Dansehallerne”.

With the dancing performance “Min farmors spøgelse” we bring up questions about what death can be. “What is death, really? Where has grandma flown? And when does she come back?” “Min farmors spøgelse” is a dancing performance for children in the ages between 3-8 years old.

imageI also have a passion for the methods of the cello and enjoy working as a cello teacher.

During my first years of college I got the opportunity to teach cello: cello, music theory and ensemble to children a communal Dance and Music school in Arboga, Sweden. This experience made me realise that not only did I have a passion for cello, I also had a passion for teaching.

The goal with my teaching is to give my students a fun, exciting and challenging hobby. Or, if the student wants to, give him or her the foundation for a life long vocation as professional musician.

I am experienced in teaching students in all ages and levels, if you are interested in lessons send me an email and we can arrange our first meeting.